RG - Rotary Fill Seal Machine for Quad Seal Side Gusset Pouch

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RG - Rotary Fill Seal Machine for Quad Seal Side Gusset Pouch

RG - Rotary Fill Seal Machine for Quad Seal Side Gusset Pouch

Rotary Fill Seal Machine for Quad Seal Side Gusset Pouch

LEEPACK’s RG series offers a rotary fill seal machine for quad seal side gusset pouches only.
Due to its unique drive mechanism and proven performance, it can be flexibly applied for various products.

  • Patented gripper device
  • Unique pouch supply system
Model name RG-108
Number of stations 8
Production speed [BPM] 20 ~ 40
* Production speed may vary depending on product characteristics, pouch conditions, operator skills and ambient filling conditions
Pouch Width [mm] 140 ~ 160
Side gusset width [mm] 50 ~ 70
Length [mm] 150 ~ 300
Machine dimension
Standard process


* The composition of the packaging process can be changed according to production conditions and customer requirements.

Standard process
  1. 1. Pouch loading
  2. 2. Pouch loading & Date coding
  3. 3. Pouch loading
  4. 4. Pouch top opening
  5. 5. Bottom-gusset opening
  6. 6. Product filling & Option device
  7. 7. M-shape forming
  8. 8. Sealing
  9. 9. Cooling
  10. 10. Discharging
Pouch pattern
Standard equipment
  • Pouch magazine
  • Automatic central lubrication system
  • Pouch top opening device
  • Deflator
  • Sealing & Cooling device
  • Discharge conveyor
Optional features
  • Long type pouch magazine
  • Printer (Inkjet, Thermal transfer, Laser, etc.)
  • Pouch’s bottom gusset opening device
  • Safety door
  • Pouch magazine can be configured longer than the basic type (1,200mm/L: 1,900mm) and can be loaded with a large number of pouches
  • Efficient pouch loading for the spout pouch and Standup zipper pouch
  • Customizable to fit on site
  • Various printer devices are available such as inkjet, thermal transfer, laser, hot foil and embossing type.
  • All brands of inkjet printers are available, and the printing position can be freely adjusted relative to the area of the pouch.
  • Ribbon type, which is a unique product of LEEPACK, has a embossing effect at the same time as the date printing (Manual replacement of metal types).
  • The thermal transfer method produces the best print quality, and content can be changed through the touch screen.
  • Laser printing is suitable for pouches made of aluminum, and the printed information is not erased.
  • The device that expands the bottom gusset of Stand-up pouches using air.
  • Prevents a pouch top reclosing during pouch moving.
  • ​Prevents a product overflowing due to folded bottom gusset.
  • Available for Stand-up pouches and corner spout pouches.
  • Designs and parts that meet international standards are employed.
  • Proven interlocking system for work safety
  • Spout pouch Magazine
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Zipper opening device
  • Wash/Wipe down structure
  • Optimized configuration for corner spout pouch application.
  • Available both Spout pouches and other kinds of pouches.
  • Vision camera is equipped to allow for checking the status of printed information. Selection can be made between OCR(text reading) and checking the existence or not of printed information.
  • In the event of a printer malfunction, there are no product filling and sealing process to reduce packaging material loss and avoid consumer's negative claims.
  • This is applicable to all kinds of printers.
  • LEEPACK's patented, unique zipper opening system.
  • Available both zipper pouches and non zipper pouches..
  • Easy maintenance by adopting Washdown design.
  • Lifting type pouch magazine
  • Weight Feedback System
  • Zipper Closure
  • Separated control box
  • Equipment to load and feed pouches vertically.
  • Easy to install even in narrow packaging sites.
  • Adjustable magazine width according to pouch size.
  • Applicable only to flat pouches.
  • Improved charge precision through a weight feedback system using the load cell method.
  • If more than one type of content will be used, measuring will be done after the first charge, and the remaining amount of the target weight will be filled during the second charge.
  • Suitable for powder products with poor flowability and expensive packaging materials
  • Device that closes zippers on zipper pouches
  • Prevents zippers from being contaminated by content
  • The control box is installed separately from the automatic packaging machine, so positioning is flexible
  • Blocks the influx of water, detergent, or other residues completely during water wash
  • LoadMax pouch magazine
  • Swivel filling system
  • One lane merging discharge conveyor
  • Ultrasonic sealing device
  • LEEPACK's unique pouch supply equipment greatly increases pouch load.
  • This is applicable to all types of pouches such as Flat, Zipper, Standup and Corner spout pouches.
  • Verical loading mechanism enables easy pouch loading..
  • This system minimizes overflow of low viscosity products due to inertia during filling and increases the speed of production by moving the nozzle between pouch opening and filling station.
  • Swivel filling system suitable for liquid products that generate large amounts of foam during filling.
  • When producing more than one product at a time, this device discharges products in a row for easy post processing.
  • This device seals a pouch opening by applying ultrasonic vibration.
  • It offers advantages for avoiding leakage during liquid product packaging.
  • Tube-roll PE/EVA film forming system
  • PLC program
  • Neutral gripper system
  • This device cuts into pouches and loads roll-shaped PE or single-layer tube film.
  • This offers a suitable production method for packaged goods such as sugar, salt and flour.
  • Applicable for PLCs such as Allen Bradly, Siemens, B&R, LS, etc.
  • This device divides the gripper by mounting a neutral gripper between the grippers on simplex and duplex automatic packing machines.
  • This is bonded to allow fast production of narrow pouches.

* Please check for availability of model-specific options.